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Woo hoo! Happy birthday to me! :D September 17, 2005

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My birthday was Tuesday, and the KWA party was last night. I spent most of yesterday preparing for it — fruit, veggies, etc. Ann, Anne, Kathy (TOK), Liesel, MJ (complete with Jr. and Hubby), and my friend Kelly came to my house to celebrate the loss of my 20’s. I’m now officially 30, and can’t be trusted.

I’ve been a bad knitter, and been too busy to get any knitting done. Bad knitter! Bad! Bad! Well, I *did* cast-on for Ben’s sock, but that’s about it. Since I traded Tuesday for Saturday at work, I’m at work today. I don’t have the concentration for toes yet, so I’m knitting ribbing on Ben’s sock. Size 2 needles, 75 sts, k3p2 rib. Exciting.


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