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New Drop Spindles up! February 28, 2006

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Yellowheart Whorl with Walnut shaft:

Yellowheart Whorl with Cherry shaft:


3 Responses to “New Drop Spindles up!”

  1. Leisel Says:

    I like the shaping on that first one… I really liked the one you put up before, but someone had bought it before I even got to look at it, and they took my bowl, too (yes, I know technically it wasn’t my bowl, but I do love it.)

  2. Brie Says:

    I love the first one, but they are both great! I like the contrasting wood of the whorl and dowel.

  3. Crazy Colorado Knitter Says:

    Thanks. I think yellowheart looks REALLY NEAT when it’s finished. It’s got a really cool tone-on-tone thing going for it, in that the whole piece is naturally yellow with subtle shades of darker yellow.

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