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Project Spectrum: March: Pink & Red March 10, 2006

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This is the hardest month for me, because I can’t stand pink. Pink is icky. Red and pink make me look like death warmed over. Sigh. So, this is 99% of the pink and red in my house. I could’ve worked through the “stock room” for more, but those aren’t technically mine… they’re someone else’s… someone who wants more fabric or yarn. Pictured here is part of my project this month, along with some more pink yarn, some red and pink fabric, some red and pink tape, and a little pink llama roving that I dyed.

While not red *or* pink, this is my assistant for the photo shoot. She insisted on being involved, walking in front of me as I tried to take pictures.


Three of Five spindles have found new homes… March 5, 2006

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The Padauk went home with Ellen…

My favorite, the Cocobolo went home with Junior

And Anti-Kathy brought home the Cherry spindle, claiming “It spins forever!”

I enjoy watching things that I make get used. Anti taught Ellen how to spin on the drop spindle — Ellen has a wheel, and was worried because she’s going on vacation out of the country, without her wheel. Junior was playing with hers almost instantly, and Anti spun several yards of thin handspun on her new spindle.

I have another lacewood whorl completed (not assembled yet), and I have the top half of the “other half” of my cocobolo blank. I’m hoping to turn more when I get home tonight.


Look What I did! :) March 3, 2006

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5 new spindles!

From left to right, the whorls are Padauk, Lacewood, Cocobolo, Cherry, and Bocote.




If you’re interested, drop me a line — I’ll bring them to knitgroup on Saturday, after which they’ll be up on etsy. Now, off to dye!