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Crazy-ass Pizza Hut May 28, 2006

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So, we’re in Pagosa Springs for the Fiber Festival, and after a long day, we decided to go to Pizza Hut.

We’re greeted by a girl saying “I hope you didn’t want any breadsticks.” Not the usual greeting, I’m sure. We sit down, and then she reminds us that the Pepsi machine is on the fritz, and “we don’t have any kind of breadsticks at all”.

So, we order garlic bread instead of breadsticks, and wait with our drinks. Our waitress brings us a medium box. For the large pizza we ordered that isn’t at the table.

She delivered the box to the other table (who ordered it) and then came back 5 minutes later and told us there was no garlic bread, but they had one last order of cheesy bread.

So we ate the cheesy bread when it came. And we ate the pizza when it came, too. When we were ready to leave, she brought us another pizza. Because we had ordered a large, and they had brought us a medium. Then she had to bring us a box. In the meantime, my brother ran out of soda, and asked for more. He brought back napkins.

It was a crazy-ass pizza hut night.


One Response to “Crazy-ass Pizza Hut”

  1. Le Marteau Says:

    What is it with the bread sticks at pizza joints, anyway? Big slab o’ pizza pie, and this is what they offer? Bread? Like, the pizza does not have POUNDS of bread already?

    Crack open a cookbook already. Show some imagination. Go out on a limb, maybe. Come on, pizza chain marketers, show some spine!

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