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bad blogger! [picture-heavy] July 28, 2006

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July has been just a really really hectic month for me. Between working OT, and being on vacation, and now back from vacation, working 7 10-hour days straight (this is day 2 of 7, for anyone playing along at home)… it’s just… stressful and hectic.

Today’s been especially lovely, starting with my coating the inside of my car with Jamba Juice, and my mouse works intermittantly with my mac because I dropped it into the bowl with milk that was left on the floor last night (and I let it dry out, but it occasionally just STOPS WORKING). I’m caught up more or less with work after my vacation, but there’s more to do than I really feel like doing. And I really just want to go to knit group tomorrow, but I can’t. I don’t have much ‘extra’ time right now, not for knitting, not for dyeing, not for turning spindles, either.

So, In lieu of the pictures I should’ve taken of my super-duper secret pal’s awesome monkey-themed gifts (which I’ll get pictures of soon, I swear)… I’ll give you some images of this month that I’ve taken (mostly on vacation, the 4 ‘bookends’ in colorado).


10 Responses to “bad blogger! [picture-heavy]”

  1. Brie Says:

    The pictures aren’t showing up for me. 😦 I’ll try back later. I’ve started a new job since I’ve last seen you.

    Um, was the milk for the pets? I can’t figure out why else it was on the floor waiting to trap a mouse.

  2. Crazy Colorado Knitter Says:

    argh; it worked for me… but probably because I was logged into dA.

    the milk was left from someone’s breakfast for the cats to ‘finish’. but i got home at 7:15.

  3. Kathy Says:

    I can’t see the pics either.

    I’m so sorry you won’t be there tomorrow. We miss you!!

  4. Maus Says:

    gorgeous pictures! each one of them could be in a calendar I think. thanks for sharing, and sorry you are so overworked these days 😦

  5. Anonymous Says:

    You’re forgiven for not posting monkey pics. 🙂 Those are some wonderful photos. I hope things calm down soon and your mouse stops misbehaving.

    Your SP

  6. Brie Says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  7. Alyssa Says:

    Thanks for your mac photo help:) There’s a lot of little things to figure out switching from PC to Mac. I’ll be checking out Firefox -Thanks again!

  8. Lisa Says:

    Beautiful photo’s Christy!

  9. Heatherly Says:

    hello, over worked Christy. I need you to update your blog. Hope you are having a great week!

  10. Procrastinating mind Says:

    OH my gosh.. the pictures are beautiful!!

    I wish I could take pictures like that!!

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