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Dye Day Afternoon September 19, 2006

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So, last Saturday, I had the girls over for a dye-day, spin-in, knit, crochet, finger-weave, whatever day.

Stefano loved the warping board that Ellen brought…

While Murrie just kept to herself, attacking yarn whenever it dangled too long…

Chery tried on her silk cap — it worked well as a REAL cap.

The girls seemed to have fun with the dyeing, as shown by Lisa and Liesel at the table…

And we dyed yarn…

More yarn…

a wool batt (which got spun before everyone left that afternoon)…

… and silk caps.

All in all, a pleasant day.

For those of you in the Colorado Springs area, I’ll be teaching acid dyes at the llama store in November. I’m hoping to have as much fun with students as I’ve had on dye days. 🙂


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