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Alpacas on the Rocks September 24, 2006

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Yesterday, Brie, Darcie, and I went to Alpacas on the Rocks, in Golden, CO. I was kinda impressed by the sheer number of alpaca ranchers around where we live… Elizabeth, Calhan, Monument… they’re everywhere!

We were met by the “official greeter”, Diomande, ever so graceful a host in his hat and blanket…

And saw alpacas of all colors. From the “cafe latte” pair

To a pair with adorable spots…

To this teddy-bear brown one. Don’t you want to cuddle him?

Some alpacas had their ears up, others had them down…

All of them had that ‘mop top’ look.

Some were more interested in eating. This one was eating the hay at the BACK of the feedbag, where it’s obviously sweeter…

This one was eating the banner for its ranch.

I came home with a fleece from an alpaca named “Burt”. It was his first haircut. I can’t wait to give it a gentle wash and start carding…


3 Responses to “Alpacas on the Rocks”

  1. Erin Says:

    Your.. or rather, Burt’s fleece is really nice looking. I’m so glad you got pictures of the alpacas themselves, I left my camera at home.

  2. Laura Says:

    Those guys are all so cute! I like how the one is eating the poster. 🙂 I love your square for your Lizard Ridge. If you’re interested there’s a knit along for it; if you click on the Sheep in the City button on my blog you can find the link for the KAL.

  3. Lisa Says:

    crap—i shoulda gone.

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