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Book Review: Dragon Tears June 6, 2007

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I figured since this is a new blog, I’d start something new. I subscribe to, and get 2 books a month on my plan. I listen as I drive to and from work, and figured that I should keep a record of what I liked and didn’t like — and maybe someone else will be spared the horror of a bad book, or be turned onto a book that they otherwise wouldn’t have read. I also subscribe to Zooba, and will review paper books occasionally.

Title: Dragon Tears
Author: Dean Koontz
Genre: Horror
Format: audiobook
Narrator: Jay O. Sanders
Rating: 4.5 stars (on a 5 star rating)

This was a greatly interesting book. After listening to the Odd Thomas books, I’m more or less used to the detailed writing of Koontz. If you’re not used to it, it can be somewhat infuriating as Koontz describes something in great detail while you’re expecting something, anything, to happen. He’s somewhat more wordy than Stephen King, but it’s a style that you get used to after a while.

The story, very broadly, is about a god who is Becoming. Unfortunately, this god is not a benevolent, loving deity, but a vicious, vindictive god.

It’s also a story about a cop and his partner. Harry Lyon is the calm and collected half to his partner Connie Gulliver’s gung-ho ‘ride the wave’ half. They work together well, and end up in a crazy situation while eating lunch, which leads to the insanity and the supernatural weirdness that follows.

If that wasn’t enough, it’s also the story of a homeless woman and her son, and a former ad executive turned wino. And my favorite character, the dog, Woofer.

The story is told in turns, in third person. First, you see through Harry’s eyes, then Connie’s. The god Becoming, the homeless wino, the homeless woman and her son, and then the dog. The constant change of voice isn’t distracting, as it could have been. Each piece of the story fits together with the next piece rather well, even when you don’t think it should.

The characters are well-developed, and at the end of the 12 hours and 9 minutes, the conclusion of the book doesn’t leave you wondering who X person was or why X person did what they did. All in all, the story is compelling, if a bit gross in parts (but it’s a horror book, and to be somewhat expected), but not nightmare-causing.

The format:

The only complaint I have with this audiobook is a minor one — the narrator’s S’s whistle somewhat, which was a little distracting at the beginning of the book, but became more tolerable as the time wore on. Jay O. Sanders’s performance was otherwise well-acted. You could tell Connie from Harry from the dog by the way Sanders spoke. Each character had its own cadence, its own tone. Even if you leave the book and come back, you can figure out rather quickly just which character is speaking.


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