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Knitting Podcasts July 21, 2007

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In addition to my monthly audiobooks, I like to listen to podcasts while I commute. I’ve been trying, REALLY trying to listen to knitting podcasts, but… I don’t know.

Knitting Uncensored: I had to turn this one off after the really bad “green eggs and ham” parody. At least, I think that’s who it was. I know I had to turn off whatever podcast it was after that. I was trapped in the car with a ‘green eggs and ham’ parody. That’s all I knew. And then they talked about socks. Which, fine, whatever, but no, I couldn’t listen. If it wasn’t knitting uncensored, I apologize, but I didn’t have the attention span. It might have been Socks in the City, but that podcast is labeled “shawls”.

Lime n’ Violet: I know a lot of people like them, but I’m not one of them. I dialled back to pick up some of their earlier stuff, and picked up the latest one, too. I just felt like I had walked into someone else’s knit group, where they thought something was funny, and I just didn’t get it. (You know what I mean, you walk into a group of people, and someone says “And then I said ‘peanut butter sandwiches’?” and everyone laughs except you.)

Socks and the City: another one I had a hard time listening to. I think she was in her husband’s studio, but it was still kinda um yeah like that. Hard to hear in some places, and then too loud if I turned the volume up to hear. I had an audiobook like that once, and had to resort to turning it up and just dealing with it. (I complained to audible, and they credited my ‘credit’ back.)

The Knitpicks Podcast: It’s probably just me, but Kelly Petkun sounds a little like my friend Anne from knitgroup. She’s a little stiff, but she’s interesting –without being giggly. I think as the podcasts go on, she’ll be able to stop reading her podcast so closely.

I tried very hard to like these knitting podcasts. I like some podcasts — I have a couple in my list that I listen to every week, but I’m very picky. The only one from this list that goes on the ‘keep’ pile is the Knitpicks Podcast.

Anyone have a favorite knitting podcast that isn’t on this list? I’ll take a listen to pretty much anything once. If it gets put in my regular rotation, all the better. I have ~2 hours a day of commute to fill, 4 days a week. I usually get through a month ok on This American Life and my audible subscription, but sometimes there are lulls. I’ve been filling them with music from my ipod, but I’d like to be able to find a good knitting podcast that I can listen to without feeling like I’m the last one to the party, and listening in on other peoples’ conversations, or feeling like I’m being talked down to (a problem I had with some of the gardening podcasts).


11 Responses to “Knitting Podcasts”

  1. anna Says:

    I understand where you’re coming from 1000% when it comes to LnV. I listen to Sleep Eyes Knits and Irie Knits every blue moon. Other than that, I’m at a loss for suggesting new/different podcasts!

  2. Beth Says:

    You might want to try Sticks and String…an Aussie gent with a wonderful voice. I love listening to what events and what’s on his needles. He does interviews with different people in the fiber industry as well as reading other comments and essays on knitting. Here is the link, Another that I’m listening to is Stash and Burn, dont care for some of the music but like these two ladies.

  3. Tan Says:

    Socks in the City is the one that had the green eggs and ham thing. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, as they say. At least check out her show notes, because she has had some good sock pattern links. Knitters Uncensored is the one that talks about knitting in Germany and boys in Lederhosen. I heard about Wollmeise yarn on their podcast and ordered some from Germany. I am willing to stop listening if a podcast is inane and annoying, but not if they’re giving information.

  4. claire Says:

    I like Sticks and String also, I think you’ll like it, very well organized, technically good audio, good content. I’ve been listening to podcasts for almost three years, and yeah, they come and go, and there are definitely far too few keepers. Two other keepers are Stash and Burn, and Christa Knits.

  5. crazymonkeycreates Says:

    Thanks for the suggestions; I try to give a podcast 2 listens, and if I can’t deal, I just can’t deal. Information through the inanity or not. I think it has to do with the inanity versus information ratio, and the quality of the podcast.

    I’ll give your suggestions a listen this week… I have another week until my audible credits are in, and I still have to drive to work. 😀

  6. Janice in GA Says:

    You know, I started out listening to a bunch of knitting/craft podcasts. I don’t actually listen to that many any more. Some of them have pod-faded, and some I’ve just lost interest in. I still listen to L&V, but they seem to have peaked a little. I know they’ve had some issue with health and vacation.

    These days I still listen to podcasts, but they’re more likely to be science-fiction or science oriented. I like CraftLit very much too.

    If you like This American Life and haven’t listened to Radiolab (, check them out. They have only done a total of about 15 episodes over 3 years, but they’re really interesting and thought-provoking. To me, at least. YMMV. 🙂

  7. I have loved listening to Cast On with Brenda Daynes. You would love her. I have listened to every back episode while I am on the treadmill. Also, now like sticks and strings, and CraftLit. I cannot slog through anymore silly giggly podcasts. Thanks for your opinion.

  8. Babs Says:

    I really really enjoy the Knitpicks podcast. Kelley has a pleasant even voice, and the podcast really has content, especially the book reviews. I also listen to Cast-On, which I enjoy, but when Brenda goes on and on about her podcast troubles, I just start to tune out. 10 minutes of rambling about podcast this and audio that and I start to snore. Also, I love some of the music on Cast-On, but some of the songs are too long also. Altho she often talks about the podcast being an hour, it usually only runs to 45 minutes, so podcast rambles plus too long music equals 25-30 minutes, which I do like very much.

  9. Yeah, our podcast is more on the giggly/crude side and sometimes we don’t even talk about knitting, we get on tangents about living as an ex-pat in Germany. Actually, episodes 5 and 6 have quite a bit of knitting content, but we also like having a good time with it. I know it’s certainly NOT for everyone, but I thank you for at least giving us a try! 🙂

  10. Laurie Says:

    I’ve listened to most of the knitting podcasts and find the same problems you’ve listed. Some of the sound is so bad that I can’t listen in my car. If they’re “duo’s”, they’re either too loud or too soft and I can’t get the volume loud enough for the soft people.

    I recommend “Sticks and String”. An Australian guy with good music (I usually don’t like music on a podcast – it ruins the flow) and some interesting stories.

    Are there any good gardening podcasts?

    If you like gadgets of the electronic sort, I recomment “The Daily Giz Wiz”. They’re short, funny and have “enabled” me to buy some really cool things.

  11. .: tani :. Says:

    am i the only one who likes all of the podcasts you listed? i actually find that my (podcast) interest/tolerances wax and wane almost as often as the tide. i’ve taken to just downloading them all and if an episode strikes my fancy, i listen. if not, i skip it and/or delete it. i can always re-download, no? (and i have!)…

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