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Sheepy Chucks July 25, 2007

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I first saw the sheepy Chucks on another knitblog. I knew then I had to have them. Today, I convinced my husband to take me to the place of evil — I mean, the mall, to Journeys, which has the blue sheepy Chucks. has the pink ones, which Ellen showed off last week. I figure the blue ones are more “me”. (The link around the picture goes to the “large” 800×600 photo.)

Sheepy Chucks

I got both this pair and a nice all-purpose grey pair, which are my first new Converse All-Stars in about 5 years. I was down to a single pair of shoes — the green ones I’ve been wearing now that the weather’s hot. My blue ones that Ben bought me for Christmas 2002 are getting tossed because they’re shot, the black ones he bought that Christmas have already gone… so I was down to the one pair, which weren’t doing too well. (Yes, he got me 3 pairs of shoes for Christmas, and the kind I wanted. He wasn’t even married to me yet!)

I’ve since laced them the way I like it — over the bottom, then under each set of eyelets, skipping the top pair.


2 Responses to “Sheepy Chucks”

  1. MJ Says:

    Those shoes look fun!
    and so “You”

  2. Janice in GA Says:

    Oh man, those are FABULOUS!

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