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First, a post with no pictures. August 1, 2007

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I’m hoping to get a second post up today (or in the wee hours of tomorrow) with pictures. Let me just say my husband is awesome. He bought me a collet chuck for the lathe so I can turn the ends of my spindles. We went out to Mount Evans on Tuesday to get pictures of sheep and goats and marmots, and it was awesome.

No knitting got done over my weird weekend (Sun-Mon-Tue), but I dyed 2 1/4 pounds of superwash merino and started spinning it up. I’ve spun 12 oz, but only plied 4oz of it so far.  I used the golden ratio again to dye, and came up with some pretty fingering yarn that I’m tempted to use as a ‘sample’.

My spindling class went well on Saturday, and all of the students were making nice yarns by the end of the class. I brought some angora, some silk, and some llama fiber for them to try, as well as the wool that the store provided. I figure it’s better to learn on different fibers so you won’t be “afraid” to try new ones. I keep reading about people who learned on some sort of generic carded wool who need encouragement to try anything that isn’t exactly what they learned with.

Then again, if you read some lists, you find people need outside encouragement to choose a knitting needle, to choose a color of yarn, to choose a pattern, the right way to make a gauge swatch, etc. I just wanted the students I taught to learn to use different fibers and not to be afraid to mix  fibers and colors in a project.


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