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Time flies like an arrow; Fruit flies like a banana August 3, 2007

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So the guys I work with are insane. One of them decided that strippers have names of things they want to have, like “Ferrari” or “Diamond”.  He then proceeded to ask what everyone else’s stripper name would be. One of the guys who fishes wanted to be “FlyRod”, and this guy wanted to be “7-Room-Mansion”.

I said, “My stripper name isn’t going to be popular. But it will be unique.”

Ready for it?


This launched everyone into “… and here comes SheepFarm on the main stage. Give her a hand, guys, she’s not so baaaaaaaad.” “SheepFarm on the side stage, she’s a baaaaaaaad girl, get your singles ready.”

What would your stripper name be?

Also, I have a package coming to me that will be here on Tuesday. Any guesses as to what is in it? Something… very happy.
Oh, and I got my sock swap package… pictures to be taken later. I’m definitely spoiled! 🙂


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