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So, what came by UPS that I was so excited about? August 9, 2007

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A Lendrum Double-Treadle wheel. Complete kit, including the Jumbo flyer, the tensioned lazy kate, and the Fast flyer. It arrived on Tuesday, and setup was a snap. I don’t see why anyone would classify it as a “portable” wheel, as it dwarfs my Joy (which I didn’t think of as a small wheel). Yes, it folds flat, but you have to take the flyer head off for it to be compact enough to “slide under a bed”.  And then you have to figure out a good place to put your extra heads that you don’t lose them.

The regular flyer is a nice size, and the flyer head is easily adjustable in height. The Jumbo flyer lives up to its name, with an orifice SO BIG that it doesn’t come with an orifice hook. Because you can reach in and grab the yarn with your fingers.

The bobbins are large. The regular bobbins are longer than my Joy bobbins, and after a test spin, have proved to hold 4 oz. of pre-fingering weight singles. I plied some singles that I had spun on my Joy onto the Jumbo bobbin, and it was barely full (as my Joy bobbins only held about 2.5 oz of fiber, this is not terribly surprising). The Jumbo flyer and bobbin were a huge selling point for me, as was the “Castle” style. I like that style of wheel over a more traditional wheel. My Joy has pleased me, and I looked at different wheels before deciding on this one.

I’ve yet to use the tensioned lazy kate for more than one bobbin full of fiber, but the way I’ve been able to wind off a bobbin without the singles flying around the room, the bobbin spinning backwards, etc. has been very nice.

If you’ve not seen one in person, the flyer head and the wheel lean toward you, which seems rather awkward, until you actually start spinning, and realize that you’re not leaning toward the orifice because the orifice is leaning towards you.

I’m already planning 8 oz skeins of yarn, already thinking about plying 2 4oz bobbins together to give me a Cascade 220-esque skein of handspun yarn. Already dreaming of a handspun sweater for fall or winter.


3 Responses to “So, what came by UPS that I was so excited about?”

  1. Zonda Says:

    Congrats on your wheel! So any spinning plans this weekend?

  2. anna Says:

    Congrats on the Lendrum; gorgeous wheel! 😀

  3. Laurie Says:

    OOhhhh. She’s a beauty! And I don’t even spin. 🙂

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