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Still busy… September 5, 2007

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Camping was fun; we took some great photos, although mine are still on my camera. Along with the photos of the plied yarn (burning tundra). And the superwash roving my sock-swap person gave me (which turned out to be a really pretty blue).

I didn’t take any pics of the “work” I did today, either. I dyed 3 lbs of roving (1 lb of BFL, 2 lbs of merino superwash). I’m hoping I have the same amount of energy tomorrow, and can (a) download and process some photos, as well as (b) spend time in the woodshop, making spindles to send to Taos with the ladies at <a href=””>Table Rock Llamas</a>.

(I know I complained about someone else linking all the damned time, but this is a single link, probably the first in a month or two, and I don’t make anything from it.)

My birthday’s coming up, and I’m taking two days off work to celebrate. I don’t particularly like getting older, but it’s a fact of life (like the handful of silver  salting my hair).


One Response to “Still busy…”

  1. Laurie Says:

    Happy Birthday To You!!!!

    Hope it’s great and you show us lots of pictures.

    I want to see the dyed roving!

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