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There has been spinning. September 26, 2007

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I have proof.

First, the blue and green yarn that my Sock Swap partner sent to me; 196 yds that have already been turned into a pair of handwarmers and a Bubby bear from Knitty.

Bluejeans Yarn
Bluejeans Yarn

and, just added to the etsy store, the Burning Tundra superwash merino… 506 yds of superwash handspun merino loveliness.
Burning Tundra

We’re starting to put more and more stuff into the store, and soon we’ll make another yarn order so I’ll have pre-made yarn to dye. Ben’s been working on the dye studio, and it’s coming right along. The sink has been installed, the countertops are up, the carpet is out, and the cabinets are in. There are shelves that need to go up, and we need to put everything where it’ll go, and get the downstairs cleaned up some so that dyeing can be efficient and fun again.

I’m hoping to have a “dye day” with the gals I knit with soon. The last one was tons of fun, but this one… well, there will be more space, and more people can dye at once.


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