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Socks and Stuff. October 17, 2007

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So, after teaching 2 of the last 3 weekends, I finally get to have a weekend off to play with my knitgroup. I’m looking forward to the Saturday meeting — I have socks that are being bound off (I’m 2/3 done binding off one sock, 1/2 done with the other — the loveliness of 2 socks on 1 circ). I’ll be starting a new pair as soon as that’s done — a self-striping color of Online Supersocke– for Ben. I figure if I always have socks on needles, I won’t have an excuse. 😀

So I stopped by the Llama store for a 40″ size 1 on my way to work, and Kris and Val (the owners) said that I should teach a class for 2 socks at once, as they don’t have anyone to teach that way, and the two of them use DPN’s and knit both socks at once (first one, then the other). So, we’ll see what happens in the first quarter.

My dye class went pretty well, my spinning class was fun, and there’s no reason I couldn’t teach my preferred sock method when the opportunity arises.

Next Saturday is Dye Day at my place, and I’m looking forward to the gals coming over. I’m hoping (fingers crossed) that my order of yarn and stuff gets to me before Saturday. The order should’ve gotten to the company today, as we mailed stuff to my brother the same day, and he’s in NYC (the company’s in new york, but not nyc). So, the order should get shipped tomorrow or Friday, and I think they ship UPS, so it should be here mid-week.

But I thought that about the order I made online Saturday before last, and… sigh. We had to GO to the PO, where the box was in a bin of “to be tried again”. The “note left” status was incorrect, as there was no note left, etc.  Comedy of errors. I was lucky to have gotten hold of my order before the class where someone wanted to buy some of the superwash I had ordered.

Fingers crossed, people. Fingers crossed.

Pics to come of awesome socks.


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