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Three Bags Full (review) October 20, 2007

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I finished my audiobooks for this month, and “Three Bags Full” was the topper. “Market Forces”, which I may or may not review in full was dark, and the contrast between the two books couldn’t be more sharp.

Three Bags Full is a murder mystery about a murdered shepherd named George. At the beginning of the book, he’s found in his own meadow with a spade stuck through him. The rest of the book unravels the mystery with a set of unique detectives. Miss Maple, Mopple the Whale (a Merino), Zora, and Othello (the 4-horned black sheep — at the end he’s shown to be a Hebridean, if I recall correctly).

Miss Maple is the Smartest Sheep in Glenkill, and probably the world, the other sheep agree. Mopple the Whale is known for his size and his appetite. Zora likes peering into the abyss from her spot on the cliff. Othello was raised in the zoo, and knew the zoo, the circus, and the outside world. They decide to find out who killed their shepherd, as he was a good shepherd, and read aloud to them every day. They go about it by paying attention to their surroundings, listening to the people coming and going to the meadow, and finally piece together what happened.

The funniest bits of it were the things that sheep just didn’t understand. Like how the preacher lives in God’s House. They start calling HIM God, because, you see, he lives in God’s House. I laughed every time the sheep started talking about the long-nosed man and referred to him as God. Especially when they talked about the garden of dead people (the cemetary).

I won’t give away any more, but this book was amazingly clever, and full of sheep! Sheep, I tell you! Definitely a will-read-again title. The version I listened to was narrated by Josephine Bailey, and was the unabridged version translated into english.

5 sheep out of 5, for being clever and full of sheep. 🙂


2 Responses to “Three Bags Full (review)”

  1. Laurie Says:

    This sounds like an adorable book to “read”. Thank goodness I get 24 books a year from Audible. As of September I still had 10 but now I’m down to about 4!

    I’m listening to “The Historian” right now. I couldn’t get into it when I tried to read it but as an audible it’s great!

  2. sheeped Says:

    Three Bags Full is definitely worth reading. A very nice book. For what reason ever, in german it is called “Glennkill”

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