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Holiday Fun… December 14, 2007

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So, next week at this time, my mom and 3 of my brothers will be in, and it will be utter pandemonium. My house will be full of people, dogs, and cats. 8 people, 3 dogs and 2 cats. Yes, the 2 cats and 1 of the dogs is ‘normal’. My brother and his wife are bringing their pups, as it’s cheaper than trying to board them. The good news? We’re almost done with shopping for everyone.

The bad news? I’m only half-done with stockings. I’ve knit 3 of them. Unfortunately, photobucket doesn’t like me right now, and only uploaded 2. But they give y ou the sense of the third. No, I’m not using typical Christmas Colors. Yes, it’s just a big sock. Yes, I *did* knit three at a time on one magic loop. I’m knitting the next three the same way.
Purple Stocking

Blue Stocking

I dyed up a shetland fleece the night before last. I separated the cleaned fleece into approximately 4 oz chunks and dyed brown, another brown, grey, black, teal, pink, two kinds of purple (one more blue than purple), dark blue, and red. (2 lbs, 91/2 oz of fleece all told.)
I think what I’m going to do with all of that fleece is spin a progression of color. Pick up all the, say, brown, card it, spin it fine, and then pick up the red, the pink, then the pinker purple, the bluer purple, the blue, the teal, the grey,  and the black. Spin until one bobbin is filled, go to the next, of course. I don’t have a bobbin that can hold 2 and a half pounds of fiber. Navajo ply to try to keep the colors separate and then… knit.

Knit what, I don’t know. I’m thinking a vest or a sweater. Maybe a simple top-down raglan with garter stitch edging. I’ve been dying to knit one for a while. Maybe something like the sweater in Spin to Knit, where she used handspun for the yoke and then a commercial yarn for the sleeves and the rest of the body. Hmm… something to think about *after* I knit the rest of the stockings.


2 Responses to “Holiday Fun…”

  1. Etha Says:

    Now those stockings are just awfully nice! Which Santa would not want to leave something in them 🙂 love the non-traditional colors, very refreshing! 3 at a time! that’s got to be a rush to have all 3 finished at the same time 😉

  2. Brie Says:

    They came out great, Christy!

    The fleece plans sound intriguing.

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