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I wore Earnshaw today. February 17, 2008

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I’ve been obsessed with this sweater since I started swatching for it at the end of January.

I finished the sleeves on Friday night, finished the hood on Saturday night, and started seaming it. I finished seaming it this morning before going to work, and wore it to work.

I spent the weekend doing a couple of things, including teaching the 2nd half of 2-socks-1-circ class, which included the heel and how to bind off — I think I’ll make a couple of samples for the next class, in case the students aren’t prepared.  The rest of the weekend was spent spinning and knitting and sewing up. Two of the merino-silk rovings “fell off” of etsy, and I’ve spun up one (yellow-green) and added mohair locks to it. It’s on the drying rack downstairs. The other, a pink-orange, is half-spun-up… one bobbin done, the other bobbin half-full. I’ve got some of the peachy-yellow locks to be plied into that one, and they’ll all go up for sale… sometime this week. Before Thursday, hopefully, as we head out on Thursday to visit California.


3 Responses to “I wore Earnshaw today.”

  1. Etha Says:

    picture picture picture??

  2. Marie Says:

    I agree–I want to see a picture of Earnshaw too!

  3. MJ Says:

    I second that emotion!

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