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An alignment of the planets… February 24, 2008

Filed under: 2008,update — crazymonkeycreates @ 4:07 pm

We headed out to California on Thursday night, and found ourselves in Sparks, NV on Friday evening, where we finally stopped driving. Saturday morning led us San Jose-ward, and we went to a ballet with our friend Ed — Swan Lake — and then today, I ended up at Stitches West. I saw a lot of booths, and saw many people knitting, spinning, and some crocheting. I test-drove a pair of Signature Needles, and drooled on things at the WEBS booth. All I ended up buying was a kit from Philosopher’s Wool, a lovely fair isle sweater for Ben.We’re hanging out with friends today, and tomorrow… um… I don’t know. We’ll make our way down to San Diego for that leg of the trip, where we’ll find whole wheat pastry flour and sheets and corn meal. 😀 


One Response to “An alignment of the planets…”

  1. MJ Says:

    Sounds like mucho fun!

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