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Look what my husband built! March 27, 2008

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It’s an electric skein-winder, for winding skeins from cones to dye. Yes, this means there is more dyeing to come… I’m hoping the 12 lbs of sock yarn come soon. It runs at over 300 yd per minute. 


3 Responses to “Look what my husband built!”

  1. Etha Says:

    Oh that is beautiful!! Tell him GREAT JOB! You had me there for a second, sockyarn that runs over 300 yard a minute?? Usually I count by skeins or grams LOL…

  2. Laurie Says:

    She’s a beaut! Keep him!!

  3. Carina Says:

    That is one serious piece of equipment. It’s gorgeous!

    Thanks for the link for the punch needle site. I hope to find out what’s going wrong using their instructions. Thanks!

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