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Pagosa Springs Fiber Festival… May 26, 2008

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Even though Saturday was full of weather surprises (it snowed, rained, hailed, rained, hailed some more, and was sunny for about 5 minutes), the fiber festival was a lot of fun. As we were one of the two “outdoor” vendors with our own tent, we had our pick of where to post ourselves between the animal/vendor tent and the vendor tent, and somehow ended up with the driest ground of the entire park.

We got to meet a lot of people, and although we’re introverts at heart, we smiled and became enthusiastic (not hard, since I love fiber and yarn) with people. We taught a bunch of people how to spin on the drop spindle, and I’ve gotta get back into the workshop tomorrow to make more.

The dog was insanely happy to see us when we got home, and I’ll be really glad to be back in my own bed in a little while. The cats were… a little less enthusiastic, but they’ll want to walk all over us when we go to bed, as they always do.


Getting ready for Pagosa… May 23, 2008

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All I’ve done this week is prepare and pack and prepare for Pagosa. The fiber festival starts tomorrow, and we’re going down today to set up. We weill have photos (probably panos again, as Ben’s got his whole kit ready to go). Pagosa has also guaranteed that there will be security for vendor tents and livestock overnight, so there should be less of the “I got everything stolen!!!” posts. If you’re in Colorado, and coming to this thing (and why wouldn’t you, it’s only a BUCK to get in), stop on by the Crazy Monkey Creations booth — we’re going to have yarn, fiber, and drop spindles, all handmade.

Off to more packing for me… I have clothes in the dryer, and I’ve got to pack some fiber to spin, and my knitting, too. 🙂


Unexpected Madness May 9, 2008

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On Wednesday, Ben & I hung out with friends and watched their puppy graduate obedience class (4th, even!), went to dinner, blah blah… and then we came home to an email from Table Rock Llamas. They were supposed to do an alpaca show, but also had stuff going on at the store and wanted to know if we wanted to use their booth. We set up yesterday; it’s our stuff and their stuff — on their displays, and we’re looking forward to being there with the adorable alpacas. 🙂

So, we’ll be at the Phil Long Expo Center today, tomorrow, and Sunday, with Crazy Monkey Creations yarn and fiber and one of Ben’s yarn bowls. We’re hoping this will give us some exposure locally and help us get ready for what Pagosa will be like, so if you’re in the Springs (or if you’re thinking of coming to Colorado Springs this weekend), stop on by. We’re on the far Left wall of the Expo Center. Photos to come, as Ben’s packed his tripod.

Edit –

Click Here For panorama pictures of the first day of the show.


Could someone explain how it got to be May?! May 5, 2008

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I entirely can’t believe it’s May already. April zoomed by, and I have a feeling May’s not going to be a slow month, either. I’ve been dyeing this week (82 skeins and 5 lbs of fiber yesterday, a smaller batch of only(!) 24 skeins today) and getting ready for the Pagosa Springs Fiber Festival at the end of this month.

So, as filler, or rather, as something that people might find interesting, I’m going to start telling the story behind some of the yarn names (and fiber names). Sometimes, I start with a name or an idea, and sometimes I have to choose a name for something I’ve done afterwards. If you’ve bought the yarn or fiber I’ve talked about, you can relate that to fibery people when they ask. 😀

Let me start with some that I’ve sold:


Autumny is its name. My friend MJ came up with the word when trying to describe something she was knitting. I dyed the BFL roving and spun this yarn, and it had no name until I had to give it one, and the reds and browns and golds just subjected Autumn to me, and the name was just silly enough for me to smile every time I saw it.

The second color story is this one:

Norwegian Blue

We’ve currently got 2 50g skeins of MonkeyToes available in this colorway, “Norwegian Blue”. It’s named because I was dyeing a colorway called “Macaw” and I wanted a kind of blue colorway to go with it. It’s named for the Dead Parrot sketch. The parrot in the sketch is the “Norwegian Blue” with “beautiful plumage”. It makes me giggle.

The last one is a little sillier (yes, sillier than naming yarn after a Monty Python sketch):

Tropical Something

This one is called “Tropical Something”. It was named such because I was thinking about tropical colors when I started dyeing, but had no specific name for it. When it came time to list the yarn, the discussion went like this.

Him: What do you want to name this one?

Me: I don’t know.

Him: It needs a name! I can’t list it without one!

Me: I don’t know, call it Tropical… um… Tropical… something.

Him: Okay.

And so it was named “Tropical Something.” Because I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to name it.