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Pagosa Springs Fiber Festival… May 26, 2008

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Even though Saturday was full of weather surprises (it snowed, rained, hailed, rained, hailed some more, and was sunny for about 5 minutes), the fiber festival was a lot of fun. As we were one of the two “outdoor” vendors with our own tent, we had our pick of where to post ourselves between the animal/vendor tent and the vendor tent, and somehow ended up with the driest ground of the entire park.

We got to meet a lot of people, and although we’re introverts at heart, we smiled and became enthusiastic (not hard, since I love fiber and yarn) with people. We taught a bunch of people how to spin on the drop spindle, and I’ve gotta get back into the workshop tomorrow to make more.

The dog was insanely happy to see us when we got home, and I’ll be really glad to be back in my own bed in a little while. The cats were… a little less enthusiastic, but they’ll want to walk all over us when we go to bed, as they always do.


One Response to “Pagosa Springs Fiber Festival…”

  1. Kaessa Says:

    Love the drop spindle I bought from you. Just had my first go at spinning today, and I love it! Thank you. 🙂

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