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So I was thinking… July 29, 2008

Filed under: 2008,spinning — crazymonkeycreates @ 12:25 am

I read the Yarn Harlot’s post about her Tour de Fleece injury the other day, and I was trying to figure out just how one gets a spinning injury, and then I thought I’d see how long it would take me to get through 4 oz (approximately 113 grams) of fiber. The answer is shorter than I thought. 140 minutes. 2 hours, 20 minutes. That doesn’t include pre-drafting time, but includes spinning 3 bobbins of singles and plying them into a lovely 3-ply yarn.

I can now see how an extra 2 hours a day spinning might give someone a really bad leg cramp. I spin about 8 oz of fiber a week, so about 4 hours of spinning a week (although I sometimes spin 2-ply yarns, sometimes 3-ply). Going from 4 hours spinning time to 14 hours would be a bit much. Doing ANY physical activity an extra 10 hours a week would tax anyone’s body!


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