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Handspun this week… July 31, 2008

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I jst posted two of the handspun yarns I made this week. One is a purple, beaded 2-ply out of BFL superwash (so doubly shiny) and the other is a 3-ply spun out of ‘tidepool‘, the BFL roving I dyed and mangled when I braided it. Ok, ok, I BROKE the roving while braiding it. But it gave me a chance to spin the new roving I had just dyed.

I don’t ply beads on using a second thread. I spin the beads onto the fiber and they slide up the single. The second ply of the 2-ply is plain, without beads. This places the beads randomly in your project. You can use a crochet hook to manipulate the yarn to where you want it.

So, without further ado…

handspun beaded bfl superwash closeup
handspun beaded bfl superwash 2-ply

The BFL 3-ply I spun, I split into three parts. One part ended up without a blue section in it, but I wasn’t discouraged. I pre-drafted the first section leaving the colors in sequence with long, long color repeats. I split the second section into two parts, making the color repeats shorter, but more frequent. The third section, I split into four parts, making the color repeats again shorter and more frequent. I plied these three together to make the yarn that varigates at different rates in the different plies. This is the yarn that I timed.

handspun bfl closeup

handspun bfl 3-ply

The update I made this week to my etsy store included merino rovings, BFL and BFL superwash rovings, PandaToes, MonkeyToes, GorillaToes, and Cotton Monkey yarns. Take a peek to see some of the fabulous colors!


2 Responses to “Handspun this week…”

  1. those are really pretty! the beads make it look so fancy 🙂

  2. I love your hand spun yarns!

    I would love to send you an invitation to my private blog….I made it private because I am going through a divorce and don’t want my ex to be able to read it. My blog used to me KnitEatSleep. My new one is KnittingbythePond. I just need your e-mail address if you are interested. My e-mail address is

    Have a good day!
    Nachaele Olson

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