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2009 opens with a … grumble January 8, 2009

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We went to bed early on New Year’s Eve, because we were exhausted. Fireworks started at 8pm, as expected, and I muttered “8pm is NOT midnight” several times. I’ve been doing a little yarn work, but it’s slower than I’d like because our counter’s broken again. So I’m hand-winding 100g balls of yarn and skeining them (thankfully Ben makes an awesome skeiner), and dyeing fiber, since it doesn’t need to be wound.

The update to last night included these 8 yarns:

2 of the colorways are panda toes in the same colors as monkey toes, so they got similar names. “Love is Patient” (MonkeyToes) is paired with “Love is Kind” in PandaToes. “Hothouse Flowers” in MonkeyToes is the same as “Forced Blooms” in PandaToes.

I’m also experimenting with the photography style of what we’re posting on etsy, making it more ‘artsy’, and hopefully making it harder to resist a skein or two of lusciously photographed yarn.

There will be more etsy updates coming, including what I’m calling “Spin me a Sweater” kits, which are simply, 2 lb of coordinating roving for you to spin up into yarn. They’ll be priced at 25% off the normal price if you had bought 2 lbs of fiber, and offered with Priority shipping. I’ve got them in Merino (drying right now) and BFL (dyeing right now), and if they do well enough, I’ll offer superwash merino and superwash BFL.


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