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SSO9 – The Booth August 7, 2009

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After taking Wednesday off to drive around and enjoy Oregon, we started getting ready for Sock Summit in earnest. We got to the convention center around 9:30 for our 10am timeslot, but they let us in anyway, and we started getting everything set up. It seemed like every time I thought I had everything done for one set of shelves that we’d find another box with more yarn in it. It took us 3 hours to set up, finally finishing around 12:30, when we decided to take lunch and a nap before the Student Preview at 4. When the students were finally let in, they cheered and swarmed everywhere.

This is what our booth (#1212) looks like all set up and full of yarn.
Booth at SS09


To Portland! August 4, 2009

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We got into Portland around 1pm today, and checked into the RV park. The drive from the other side of Oregon was pretty, but adjusting to the 6000′ drop in altitude, the huge boost in humidity, and the 1 hour time difference between Pacific and Mountain has me exhausted. Tomorrow, we have the whole day free, and Thursday we have our move-in time slot and the early bird preview Marketplace to look forward to.


Made it to Oregon! August 3, 2009

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August 3

We left this morning at quarter to 8, and stopped at Shoshone Falls in Idaho (photos will be posted once I have the time to sit and think about how to develop them). We took photos and moved on, traveling until almost 9pm, where we stopped at the KOA in Pendleton, Oregon. Tomorrow will be our shortest travel day, hopefully getting us to Portland when the sun’s still up.

Wednesday is our ‘don’t have plans for this’ day … at least so far. We’ll see once we get there, I guess.


Going to Sock Summit… August 2, 2009

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It’s been rather quiet around here because it’s festival season, and we’re on our way to Sock Summit in Portland, Oregon. We’ve been preparing for probably the better part of 2 months, and it’s been hectic.

August 1

Packing day. We filled the car with 16 totes full of yarn and fiber, 9 fiber kits, the dog and cat carriers, and the dog and cats. We stayed at the Garden of the Gods campground, so that we could get an early start to Portland.

August 2

Day 1 of the trip to Sock Summit. Ben took some time before we left to install new marker lights on the trailer, and hook the trailer brakes back up (he had removed the brake wires when he flipped the axle on the trailer). We left Colorado Springs with one last check of things we needed to bring, and headed north on I-25. We met our friend Dave for lunch and made it into Wyoming around 4-ish. Wyoming was mostly uphill, which is not the nicest thing for gas mileage, but we made it to Lyman by just past sundown and checked into the KOA there. The cats were pleased to get out of their carriers, and the dog and I took a nice walk around the “kampground” while Ben set up the trailer for the night. Wyoming was as lovely as ever, with its buttes and interesting rock formations, and construction over what seemed like 1/4 of the trip on I-80.