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Pagosa Springs Fiber Festival Pics: Shetland Sheep May 28, 2006

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These are Shetland Sheep, only about 2′ tall. Their owners, of the Pinion Woods Ranch, actually talked to us about this cute primitive breed. They’re smarter than the larger, more domesticated sheep.


Pagosa Springs Fiber Festival Pics: Sheep

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When we got there, there were sheep in 2 different pens… somehow I got the first set of sheep with no eyes.


Pagosa Springs Fiber Festival Pics: Alpacas

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Alpacas Rock.


Crazy-ass Pizza Hut

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So, we’re in Pagosa Springs for the Fiber Festival, and after a long day, we decided to go to Pizza Hut.

We’re greeted by a girl saying “I hope you didn’t want any breadsticks.” Not the usual greeting, I’m sure. We sit down, and then she reminds us that the Pepsi machine is on the fritz, and “we don’t have any kind of breadsticks at all”.

So, we order garlic bread instead of breadsticks, and wait with our drinks. Our waitress brings us a medium box. For the large pizza we ordered that isn’t at the table.

She delivered the box to the other table (who ordered it) and then came back 5 minutes later and told us there was no garlic bread, but they had one last order of cheesy bread.

So we ate the cheesy bread when it came. And we ate the pizza when it came, too. When we were ready to leave, she brought us another pizza. Because we had ordered a large, and they had brought us a medium. Then she had to bring us a box. In the meantime, my brother ran out of soda, and asked for more. He brought back napkins.

It was a crazy-ass pizza hut night.


Yarn and Philosophy May 16, 2006

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There are those who love Noro (Kureyon specifically), and those who don’t. I think a lot of it has to do with the way that the knitter looks at life. I think that Noro yarns can be seen as a metaphor for life, as we create fabric from a single thread.

There are some who say that everything should be like “Karaoke”, the SWTC yarn (50% wool, 50% soy silk) with its regular repeats, its evenness, its predictability.

This is why I love kureyon, and how I relate it to life:

Kureyon is unexpected. The colors in the ball that you see aren’t all the colors in the yarn. It’s the unexpected flash of red on brown or deep green that is interesting. It’s the random-seeming color repeats that give a project sparkle and shine. It’s the unexpected that makes life interesting.

Kureyon is uneven. The thick-and-thin spots add texture to the resulting knitted fabric in a way that is never expected, but always seems appropriate. Sometimes life is easy, sometimes it’s hard. Looking back, it’s all the differences between the times you had to eat ramen, beans, and rice and the times you could afford a nice filet that make you appreciate whatever your current condition is.

Kureyon is scratchy. Well, until it’s been washed. Change is hard. Change is uncomfortable. But after you’ve made a change, and lived with it for a while, it ‘softens’. It grows on you. Time heals all wounds, they say. Time also softens the scratchiness of the wool.

Kureyon has straw in it. Yes, and you pick out the big pieces and leave the little bits that don’t matter. The straw is the little irritations that we put up with every day. Traffic, work, bills. You take care of the things you can take care of, and you live with the things you have no control over.

This is why I say, embrace the Noro. Life’s not always predictable. Life comes as it does, and if you get too uptight about the changes, the unpredictability, the uncomfortable times, the little irritations, then what’s life for, anyway?



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I decided to take the bicycle on a tour of the neighborhood last night, and got my helmet on, velcro’ed my pants leg shut, and rode around for a while as the sun set. I was going to go once more “around the block” when I hit a patch of sand, braked a little harder than I should have, and flew through the air sideways onto the pavement. My knees hit first, ripping my jeans, then my hands, then my (gasp) head. Nothing reinforces the concept of “you need to wear your helmet” than the pavement coming toward your head at 9.8 m/s^2.

I’m mostly scraped up, but I put a bandage on my worst scraped bits, put new pants on, and went out to dinner last night. I ache this morning. My right foot got twisted somehow, and my knee aches.

BUT… yesterday I finished the applied I-cord edging for the Big Kureyon cat bed, knit the first 4 plain rows, and the increase rows. It’s chugging right along, just like I want it to. 🙂


Project Spectrum & Other Knitting Content May 14, 2006

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My green for this month is already done. I started on Friday, after I spent a total of 64 cents on 3 skeins of Cascade 220 and a 60″ long Addi 10.5 needle (eeew, addis). Yes, you heard right. I had filled my Llama Store “Rockstar” card, and had a $40 credit, and found the 64 cents in the bottom of my purse to pay for the ‘overage’.

I just don’t have a picture yet. It was felted yesterday, and I believe it’s too small for the cat I was knitting it for… it’s a felted mobius bowl/cat bed thingy from A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting. The “large bowl”/”small cat bed” one. Without fringe. I used a total of 1.5 balls of Cascade 220 (in a beautiful heathered green). I may have enough yarn left over to knit another, if I’m lucky.

It’s probably because I don’t “control” the felting process. I throw the object into the washer with 2 pairs of jeans (now I will call them my felting jeans, because both are unwearable as-is — Ben’s pair has the pocket almost torn off, and my pair got eaten by my bicycle). I love the fabric that comes from the felting (or more properly “fulling”) process, but I don’t have the patience to try to make something come out perfectly. I felted this last project while planting flowers in the front of the house. If it’s not big enough to put a cat in, so what? I enjoyed making the mobius band (with the exception of the miles of applied i-cord, although the final effect of the felted applied i-cord is AWESOME). I’m guessing I now have a cute bowl I can throw my ipod, badge, etc. into, but that will only be confirmed if said cat doesn’t try to curl up in the felted greenness.

I started the 2nd mobius cat bed (“rose red”, with 200 sts in the Mobius Cast-On) last night with a skein of Big Kureyon and size 13 Crystal Palace bamboo circs (55″ long). I ordered them both from One Fine Yarn, and was rather pleased with their service.

I also bought 4 skeins of Kureyon, and I’m going to pair them with grey (which I bought yesterday with the “appreciation gift” my knit group gave to me for allowing them to make a mess of my house during Dye Day (I love my knit group, and they didn’t have to do that, really)) to make another of the large cat beds, if I’m pleased with how this one turns out.

I like the mobius cast-on. I like knitting mobius bands. We’ll see how well the kureyon color shifts work on it, I guess.