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Img2Track experimentations May 6, 2015

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With my Brother 940 and my cable from adafruit that I built, and the img2track software, I’ve been playing with pattern with my knitting machine.

This is the Sherlock wallpaper from The Wallpaper Had it Coming Again :

 photo 92635EC3-9134-4BC9-BCD2-84DC3A374FB2_zpsfufi5qgk.jpg

 photo 490BC9B5-70FD-440E-B59D-A79F35B683C5_zps6kcslvni.jpg

This is some random russian punchcard I found on Pinterest:

 photo 979B3036-43B8-4324-854E-7B0CD5B0AD15_zpsmawjwafg.jpg

and its ‘pattern’ if you want to recreate it on your machine :

 photo russian punch card_zpsel6qhi5k.png

The steps I’m taking to get this are : fiddle with things in photoshop, get the bitmap saved the way I want it as a 2-color bitmap, go to the machine.

  1. Plug the cable into my macbook.
  2. Power on the knitting machine.
  3. STEP -> 551 -> STEP -> 1 to load the first track.
    img2track does the heavy lifting to get the bitmap to the machine.
  4. Set up the carriage for fair isle, loading the second color into slot B, and pushing the top MC button. Change the dial to KRC-II.
  5. Wait for the beep. If I’m doing isolated motifs instead of just repeating it across, remember to push CE before choosing how many repeats. (default is 1 with the isolated motif button selected). hit STEP.
  6. Choose where the motif starts (generally its calculations are fine, since everything I’m doing right now is centered). hit STEP.
  7. Knit! The first pass selects needles for row 1, the next knits row 1, and selects for row 2.